With over 9 years of professional Python development experience, I bring a deep understanding of the language. Python is an excellent solution to most problems and it enables me to be a faster, more productive programmer. And, with "batteries included," teams that use Python are able to innovate without reinventing wheels.

Web UI Developer

I've spent nearly as much time with Python as I have developing web applications. The two dovetail quite well, especially with tools like Django at your disposal. I've teamed with User Experience experts to build the best cyber security analysis platform on the market today.


16 years of proven snowboarding. Salt Lake City, Breckenridge, Jackson Hole, Stowe, Snowshoe, the list goes on. I prefer the pow out West, but in the face of great adversity I have managed to get out snowboarding every year for the past 16 despite living on the East Coast. That's dependability, and I bring it.

See Me Code

My best code will be forever locked up behind spooky government doors, but I have participated in some recreational coding. If reading source code isn't your thing, read a summary. And if you're the recruiter/hiring manager type, have a look at my resume.

See Me at PyCon 2008

While recruiting for White Oak at PyCon, I was interviewed about why I like Python. I didn't let that stop me from juggling our promotional brains.